What is Enterprise Tag Management?

Enterprise tag management systems are essential for widescale analytics and marketing. Enterprise tag management often requires more intensive and scalable solutions to prevent silos and streamline integration into wider systems. Keep reading to find out what the best enterprise solutions are and how it differs from standard tag management.

Google Analytics 4 is Almost Here

Why Is GA4 Suddenly So Important? You've probably seen a fair bit of chatter about Google Analytics 4 recently, so let's break down why everyone's talking about it, and how it affects just about everyone (even you!). First of all, Google Analytics 4 (or GA4, for...

Up Your Email Game by Tracking These 4 Less-Common Metrics

Deliveries…opens…clicks…conversions…if you work in email marketing, you’ve probably been muttering those four words in your sleep. And with good reason — tried-and-true funnel metrics are the backbone of email performance measurement, and you could do much worse than to focus on them.  However, there are also big benefits to going beyond the basics. Mixing up […]

What is customer journey analytics and why is it important?

As a business, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to better understand your customers. From purchase decisions to customer service interactions, understanding the entire customer journey is essential to growing your business. Customer journeys are often talked about in broad, vague terms. However, your business can use many data-driven insights to better understand […]

An Introduction to Analytics For SEO

Hi and welcome! In this guide you’ll be introduced to the basics of SEO Analytics. If you do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or if you have someone do SEO for you in any capacity, it’s vital to have an understanding of your SEO Analytics. By the end of this guide you will have a good […]

New Feature: Email Campaign Analytics Testing

Web Analysts! Are you frustrated by seeing your company’s email campaign analytics data fall into your direct traffic source. Often this is because link tagging was missing or the landing page analytics tagging was broken.  Is this a familiar pattern in your traffic sources report? Solve this issue with DataTrue’s new email analytics testing which enables […]