Tag Audit Toolset

Web analytics testing

Every time you make a change to your website, you risk losing or breaking analytics tags. Automate tag audits on critical pages and conversion events to prevent data collection issues from compromising business decisions.

QA Website Functionality Using Simulation Tests

Ensure critical workflows such as registration, add to cart, and checkout are working correctly.

Proactively monitor key user journeys and tags. Run regular tests and alert multiple teams via email.

Navigate your website using various browsers, devices, and via different countries to ensure user journeys are always working as intended.

Be the first person to know if there is an issue with a journey on your website.

Coverage tests and validation maps

Crawl each page on your website to quickly and easily audit and validate the data collected. Receive comprehensive page reports with critical data you can use to resolve and identify errors.

Drill down to get detailed information including loading times, tag validations, tag data payloads, and errors written to the browser console.

Upload page level tag settings to validate your tagging implementation against them page by page. Use DataTrue to discover your current page level variables and use this as a baseline for ongoing monitoring.


Create simulation tests quickly using our Chrome extension

Use our Chrome extension to record your interactions with sites, and create tests. Configure your tests using our extensive library of tag templates

All in one enterprise solution

We help enterprises and digital businesses, and their agencies, validate their data

Complete technical solution

  • Test tags from multiple browsers
  • Test tags in responsive tablet and mobile modes
  • Find duplicate tags
  • Schedule test runs for automated QA
  • Test in lower environments protected with authentication
  • Stay secure by whitelisting specific IP ranges used in tests
  • Run tests form multiple countries
  • Leverage the DataTrue tag library or create new custom tags for testing
  • Run tests in Tag Manager preview mode
  • Test tags with delayed beacons
  • Test interactions in iframes and AJAX content


Support and professional services

Dedicated Solutions Consultants walk you through onboarding, training and ongoing support.

Find a local DataTrue agency for additional implementations or reach out to our professional services.

Comprehensive Web Analytics Audits

Audit Tags, Variables, Cookies, Datalayer Values and More

Validate granular elements of your analytics solution design by creating tag and datalayer unit tests. Easily monitor the implementation health of your solution design as changes are made to your site.

  • Tags
  • Cookies
  • DL
  • HTML data attributes
  • Other DOM elements

Delivering Tag Migration Solutions, Seamlessly

SurfStitch is the world’s largest online action sports and your apparel network with over 20,000 products.

SurfStitch engaged Panalysis, a DataTrue partner, to manage the tag migration for Surfstitch.com to a new website.

Panalysis delivered an error-free migration with minimal impact to revenue as a result of the changes.