Data Assurance Solutions

Build confidence in your digital team

Need help managing constantly changing digital assets and ever-increasing volumes of analytics tags? Let DataTrue do the heavy lifting for your digital team by automating tag testing and monitoring, while ensuring you deliver analytics data your colleagues can trust.

Get deep insights from granular testing

Validate granular elements of your analytics solution design by creating tag and data layer unit tests. Audit and monitor tags, variables, cookies, data layer values, HTML data attributes, and other DOM elements. 

Integrate tag testing into agile best practices

Ensure your digital data is accurate through every iteration by using our APIs to integrate our testing tools into your development cycles.

Get up and running quickly

We offer a hands-on approach to support. We don’t just tell you how to implement our tools — we help you do it. 

Help us help you

We’ll listen to your valuable feedback to help improve our tools through regular iterations. We’ll share our product roadmap too. 

Take control of analytics data and tags

Audit tags easily, repair data collection and security flaws, monitor and validate your analytics data, and more.

Automate tag testing and improve productivity

Bogged down by manual testing? Your analysts and developers will save many hours in lost productivity with automated tag testing.

Boost the performance of digital assets

Optimize analytics costs, improve the user experience, and ensure compliance by identifying rogue or outdated tags, slow-loading pages, and coding issues.

Optimize email campaigns and mobile apps

Give your marketing team trusted, multi-channel analytics data by testing websites, email campaigns, and native mobile apps.

Tag audit and integration toolset

Responsive Web Testing

Test critical paths on your website and automate tag audits for critical pages to prevent data collection issues from compromising business decisions.

Mobile Testing

Test tags on your native mobile apps using different devices and operating systems and run regression tests on new app releases.

Email Testing

Integrate DataTrue with your email marketing platform to systematically audit campaigns before every release.

Google Data Studio Connector

Use our Data Studio connector to create interactive cross-channel reports using your DataTrue and analytics data.

APIs and Integrations

Use our application programming interfaces (APIs) to set up custom integrations that leverage functions in third-party systems.