Broken web analytics reports?
Siloed analytics implementations?
Data leaks and increasing legal risks?


DataTrue Tracking Governance solutions ensures:


  • Automated quality assurance for web analytics: tags, cookies, data layer and DOM elements
  • Tag audits integrated into web and app releases
  • Sensitive data leak alerts

Tag Audit Toolset

Automate Quality Assurance. Less resources troubleshooting, more time for insights

Assess your Tag Assurance Maturity

Do you have a quality assurance program?

Is the testing manual? What is the scope and how much time does it take?

How many tag, data layer and cookie errors does your website/app experience every quarter?

How long does it take you to recover from the errors?

How complex is your implementation? Do you have multiple tag management systems and dependencies? Are they up to date?


Schedule regular tests to confirm captured data meets your expectations. Get alerts before everyone else and start optimizing your failure and recovery rates. Validate all vendors: Google, Adobe, Tealium, Snowflake, Amplitud, even custom tags. 

Responsive web audits of user journeys and full website scans.

Marketing email audits

Mobile app audits

By implementing DataTrue, we reduced our testing efforts from spending at least 4-6 hours of manual testing to less than 1 hour including the time it takes to create and run the tests.

— GoodRX

Integration Toolset

Become an agile analytics implementation team. Integrate marketing analytics with DevOps and business intelligence to break silos.

 Assess your Implementation Process Maturity

Is your QA program isolated from the main release pipeline of your website/app?

Do you include tag, data layer and cookie audits in your website/app regression testing?

Does your QA program catch critical tag, data layer or cookies issues in dev and staging? If it does, are you able to stop production web/app releases to prevent the issue from hitting production?

How often is your website and tagging changing? Are you planning a large analytics migration?

Run quality checks earlier and more often. Use the APIs to integrate the analytics QA processes into your website and app release cycle. 

Trigger audits when the website or the tag manager changes with the CI API.

Report in Google Data Studio or your favorite visualization tool with the Reporting API

Get alerts in your favorite channels with our native integrations: Jira, Slack, Confluence, Email

DataTrue has helped us maintain consistency in our numbers through some significant changes and investments — including switching analytics vendors and launching our new Angular site.
– Coles

Privacy and Compliance Toolset

Data governance for all your tags and cookies

Assess your risk level

Does your QA program detect if unauthorized tags or cookies are added to the web/app?

Unauthorized leaks of sensitive data or cookie consent violations?

Ensure that your business complies with GDPR, CCPA, and other standards set for your regulatory regions.

Validate cookie consent and privacy policies.

Test your data security before you put real customer data at risk.

DataTrue has proved pivotal in scanning our sites for non-compliant tags – this is essential to our GDPR and CCPA strategy. DataTrue provided the features we were lacking with our previous provider. They have white glove customer service, resolve issues quickly and are always on hand to guide me in the right direction.
— Senior Product Owner, Top 4 Global Transaction Processor

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