Privacy and Compliance Toolset

Cookie Policy Audits

The DataTrue Policy Audit feature makes it easier to validate the compliance of cookies and tags with user consent and privacy policies. Ensure your website meets legal requirements as new privacy regulations like: GDPR, CCPA and LGPD are legislated around the world.

Account wide cookie policies

Define a Policy for tags and cookies:

• Set each tag and cookie as required,
allowed, or not allowed.
• Set blanket rules emulating a blocklist
or allowlist.

Apply Policies to coverage tests (site-wide
Get alerts for any breaches of the applied

Consent Validation and Enhanced Cookie Discovery

Configure the consent settings that QA tests should follow. Get an alert if there the consent manager on your website is not working as expected. Catch any errors in lower development environments to prevent issues in production.

Discover cookies found through coverage tests (site-wide scans) and simulation tests (interaction events).Validate cookie attributes without scripting.

Are you at risk of leaking visitor data?

Protect Your E-Commerce Site From Magecart Attacks: Learn From The British Airways And NewEgg Attacks

E-commerce sites worldwide face a growing risk from the threat group Magecart, who are perpetrating simple but sophisticated attacks on online payment forms.

High profile reported victims include Ticketmaster, British Airways and NewEgg. Many business websites have likely been compromised without their owners’ knowledge.

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