Quality assurance for web analytics, tags and cookies

As digitization accelerates, web analytics are critical to business success. But with every digital change, there’s a risk that the tags you rely on will break or leak sensitive data. DataTrue ensures your web analytics tags deliver the accurate insights you need to boost your digital performance, while protecting your customers’ information.

What is DataTrue?

Build confidence in your digital team

Need help managing constantly changing digital assets and ever-increasing volumes of analytics tags? DataTrue can automate tag testing and monitoring for your websites, mobile apps, and email campaigns — while ensuring you deliver accurate analytics data.

Get marketing results with data you can trust

Constant changes to digital assets mean the customer information you rely on may be incomplete or inaccurate. With DataTrue, your digital team can audit and closely monitor tags, so you can trust your analytics data and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Protect your customers’ data and mitigate risk 

The rapid growth of web analytics tags is a serious concern for many privacy and risk officers. Rogue tags, for example, can leak data to unauthorized third parties. With DataTrue, you can protect your customers and your business.

Become a trusted digital partner

As a DataTrue partner, your digital agency will have access to industry-leading, automated tag testing and monitoring, while ensuring you deliver analytics data that your clients can trust.

Discover the DataTrue difference

We offer a hands-on approach to support. We don’t just tell you how to implement our tools — we help you do it. We’ll also listen to your valuable feedback to help improve our tools, and we’ll share our product roadmap too.


DataTrue has helped us maintain consistency in our numbers through some significant changes and investments — including switching analytics vendors and launching our new Angular site.

— Web Analytics Manager, Coles Online


DataTrue has proved pivotal in scanning our site for non-compliant tags – this is essential to our GDPR and CCPA strategy. DataTrue provided the features we were lacking with our previous provider. They have top customer service, and are always on hand to guide me in the right direction.

— Global Credit Card Provider


For one of our healthcare customers, we were able to reduce manual testing from 8 hours  to 2 hours for each web release. And for one of our luxury fashion customers, we were able  to reduce regular weekly tag validation from 3 hours to 30 minutes.

Through the use of DataTrue, we were able to reduce our testing efforts by as much as  400%.

— 120 Feet


By implementing DataTrue, we reduced our testing efforts from spending at least 4-6  hours of manual testing to less than 1 hour including the time it takes to create and run  the tests.

— Good RX

Data Assurance

Ensure accurate data and insights are gathered through tags and other analytics and marketing technologies. Test on a scheduled basis to confirm captured data meets your expectations.

Agile Analytics Implementations

Run test driven analytics deployments to spend less time troubleshooting and more time gaining insights.

Privacy Compliance

Validate compliance of cookies and tags with user consent and privacy policies. Ensure that your business complies with GDPR, CCPA, and other standards set for your regulatory regions.

The proliferation of analytics tools, web & app changes and higher analytics demands make data collection a complex and brittle process that relies on lots of dependencies to work. The Data Assurance Maturity Model reflects the scope and frequency of your safety measures.

Use the DataTrue ROI Calculator to estimate the gains in Time savings, Compliance risk management and Reporting accuracy.


Responsive Web Analytics Testing

Test critical paths on your website and automate tag audits for critical pages to prevent data collection issues from compromising business decisions.

Mobile App Analytics Testing

Test tags on your native mobile apps using different devices and operating systems and run regression tests on new app releases.

Email Analytics Testing

Integrate DataTrue with your email marketing platform to systematically audit campaigns before every release.

Sensitive Data (PII) Leak Alerts

Simulate interactions to test your website’s data security and avoid putting real customer data at risk. You’ll receive alerts if any personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive data is shared.

Cookie Policy Audits

Validate the compliance of cookies
and tags with user consent and privacy policies.

APIs & Integrations

Use our application programming interfaces (APIs) to set up custom integrations that leverage functions in third-party systems.

Google Data Studio Connector

Use our Data Studio connector to create interactive cross-channel reports using your DataTrue and analytics data.

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