A guide to continuously monitoring your customer’s consent management

In this guide we aim to cover customer consent mode monitoring and help answer these questionsL

  • What is customer consent mode?
  • How do check it is implemented correctly?
  • How I can I check no unauthorised third party tags are presented to customers?
  • How can  I integrate this and do it automatically if my consent mode banner supplier is One Trust?

Google, OneTrust, and DataTrue offer different but complementary capabilities for continuously monitoring customer consent management:

Google Consent Mode

  • Allows websites to communicate users’ cookie consent choices to Google tags for services like Google Analytics and Google Ads .
  • Adjusts tag behaviour based on user consent preferences, enabling basic measurement even when full consent is not granted .
  • Provides a framework for respecting user privacy choices while still allowing some data collection for analytics and advertising purposes .


  • Offers a consent management platform (CMP) that can capture, centralize, and sync consent and preferences across multiple tools and platforms .
  • Enables companies to build privacy-first interactions across websites, and mobile apps, .
  • A market leader along with Cookiebot,   both offer consent management cookie banners
  • Integrates with other systems like Datatrue to tie consent states to unified customer profiles and manage data flows based on consent .



  • Provides automated tag testing and monitoring for websites, mobile apps, and email campaigns .
  • Offers tools to audit and monitor tags to ensure accurate analytics data collection .
  • Includes features for validating compliance of cookies and tags with user consent and privacy policies .
  • Provides alerts for potential leaks of personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive data .

DataTrue’s scanning tool integrated with OneTrust offers several advantages:

  1. Comprehensive monitoring: DataTrue’s automated tag testing and monitoring capabilities, combined with OneTrust’s consent management, provide a more complete solution for ensuring ongoing compliance and data accuracy .
  2. Risk mitigation: DataTrue’s ability to detect unauthorized tags and potential data leaks, coupled with OneTrust’s consent management, helps organizations better protect customer data and mitigate privacy risks .
  3. Compliance validation: The integration allows for continuous validation of cookie and tag compliance with user consent choices captured by OneTrust, ensuring ongoing adherence to privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA .
  4. Proactive approach: By regularly scanning and monitoring tags and consent implementation, organizations can identify and address issues before they lead to data breaches or non-compliance 
  5. Efficiency: The integration streamlines the process of managing consent and verifying its proper implementation, reducing manual effort and the potential for human error .

In summary, while Google Consent Mode provides a framework for respecting consent choices, and OneTrust offers consent management capabilities, DataTrue’s scanning tool integrated with OneTrust adds an extra layer of continuous monitoring and validation. This combination allows organizations to more effectively ensure ongoing compliance, protect customer data, and maintain trust in their digital properties.