Integration Toolset

APIs and Integrations

Integrated with your workflows

Respond to failed tests by automatically creating Jira tickets, or posting to a team Slack channel. Ensure that potential problems are handled immediately, and cut down on the number of manual steps in addressing them.

Management API

The DataTrue Management API provides a REST based interface to interact with the users, accounts, suites, tests, steps, validations and more.

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DataTrue CLI

The DataTrue CLI allows you to interact with DataTrue from a command line. This open source tool utilizes our public APIs to perform actions such as, including moving or copying resources, running tests or suites, and deleting resources.

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JavaScript wrapper

The DataTrue JavaScript wrapper provides an intuitive interface for the DataTrue APIs that can be used to build your own tools and integrations.


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Continuous Integration API

Use our REST based API to run tests and suites from external systems such as a continuous integration (CI) environment.

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Reporting API

The Reporting API enables reporting on  tests runs within your DataTrue account. This can be used to:

  • See historical test result summary data and understand any changes in  compliance over time
  • Breakdown results by tags to understand which are failing within particular tests, pages or steps within a user journey
  • Combine DataTrue test result data with other sources such as analytics reporting data to enhance your data governance reporting

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    Click here to access DataTrue's step-by-step guide to tag migration

    DataTrue has helped us maintain consistency in our numbers through some significant changes and investments — including switching analytics vendors and launching our new Angular site.

    - Web Analytics Manager, Coles Online