What is Enterprise Tag Management?

Enterprise tag management systems are essential for widescale analytics and marketing. Enterprise tag management often requires more intensive and scalable solutions to prevent silos and streamline integration into wider systems. Keep reading to find out what the best enterprise solutions are and how it differs from standard tag management.

Keeping PII Private

It’s no secret that PII (or Personally Identifiable Information) is a hot-button issue right now. Whether it’s Meta’s recent fine from Ireland’s DPC, or Amazon’s fine from the GDPR last year, regulatory bodies are taking personal data seriously, and you should too....

Manage Tickets Easier with New Jira Integration

As part of our ongoing development, we're creating tools to better integrate DataTrue into your existing systems. First up, Jira! Jira is a suite of tools designed to organize development projects, which has become ubiquitous thanks to its versatility and power. With...

Google Analytics 4 is Almost Here

Why Is GA4 Suddenly So Important? You've probably seen a fair bit of chatter about Google Analytics 4 recently, so let's break down why everyone's talking about it, and how it affects just about everyone (even you!). First of all, Google Analytics 4 (or GA4, for...

Do more with your data with DataTrue’s new Reporting API feature

Now more than ever, data is the key to monitoring, identifying, and making smart decisions for your business. No matter your tech stack, if your company is like most, your systems vary from team to team, sending data back and forth through everything from email attachments to spreadsheets and CSVs. We’ve heard you, and our […]

COVID-19’s Impact on Us, Our Data and How DataTrue Can Help

These are unprecedented times we are all living in, how we respond, adapt and change can really impact our future. The COVID-19 Pandemic is on the front of everyone’s mind right now, and besides our health care professionals and essential workers who are fighting this head on – we salute them! –  many companies are […]

Up Your Email Game by Tracking These 4 Less-Common Metrics

Deliveries…opens…clicks…conversions…if you work in email marketing, you’ve probably been muttering those four words in your sleep. And with good reason — tried-and-true funnel metrics are the backbone of email performance measurement, and you could do much worse than to focus on them.  However, there are also big benefits to going beyond the basics. Mixing up […]

How to automate unit testing of data layer triggered tags

There are a number of big advantages to implementing a data layer, including better data consistency, improved reliability, and increased flexibility when it comes to sending data to different analytics vendors. However, there is one downside — a data layer is yet another possible failure point in your analytics pipeline, which means that you need […]

New in DataTrue: February Product Updates

Our development team kicked off 2020 with a whirlwind round of feature updates and enhancements, and the results are now live for all DataTrue customers! Here’s a summary of the changes we released last weekend:  It’s now possible to view batched Google App+Web tags as individual requests to simplify validation.  Sensitive data detection is now […]

3 Data Collection and Management Mistakes that Could Result in a GDPR Violation

Mishandling customer data has never been good for business, and it became an even more serious issue when the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in May 2018. Companies that fail to comply with GDPR requirements, which include strictly limiting access to customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII), face fines of up to […]