Data Assurance Solutions

Get marketing results with data you can trust

Every time anyone makes a change to your website, your analytics tags are at risk of breaking. That means the information you rely on to understand customers and optimize marketing campaigns may be incomplete or inaccurate. With DataTrue, your digital team can audit and closely monitor tags, so you can use analytics data with confidence.

Extract full value from your ad spend 

Reduce ineffective advertising expenditure by eliminating broken and misdirected links in your digital assets.

Boost the performance of your campaigns

Make informed marketing decisions and improve the effectiveness of your assets with customer data you can trust.

Optimize multiple channels

Get trusted analytics data from your websites, email campaigns, and native mobile apps with our all-in-one solution.

Create personalized customer experiences 

Understand and create personalized customer journeys by ensuring your data is accurate across touch points.

Streamline the path to purchase 

Don’t give customers a reason to abandon purchases — eliminate incorrect links and slow-loading pages by identifying outdated tags and coding issues.

Tag audit and integration toolset

Responsive Web Testing

Test critical paths on your website and automate tag audits for critical pages to prevent data collection issues from compromising business decisions.

Mobile Testing

Test tags on your native mobile apps using different devices and operating systems and run regression tests on new app releases.

Email Testing

Integrate DataTrue with your email marketing platform to systematically audit campaigns before every release.

Google Data Studio Connector

Use our Data Studio connector to create interactive cross-channel reports using your DataTrue and analytics data.

APIs and Integrations

Use our application programming interfaces (APIs) to set up custom integrations that leverage functions in third-party systems.