As a Showcase sponsor at Adobe Summit 2018 there has been plenty to keep us busy in recent weeks preparing for the Summit. As we have now packed our bags and are on our way, I have the time to look forward to the Summit presentations, inspiration and learning opportunities. Here’s a summary of the top three sessions that the DataTrue team is looking forward to at Adobe Summit 2018.

As well as the headline acts – such as Richard Branson as a keynote speaker, and John O’Sullivan from Tourism Australia – for us data geeks there is plenty to get excited about in the Analytics & Data Management track.

1)     Keep That Data Clean: Governance That Drives Real Trust (S115)

John Livingston from Adobe and Moharan Logeswaran from National Bank of Canada will be talking about the challenge for marketers and digital teams in ensuring they have reliable analytics data. This session will cover the key factors that impact data quality along with some essential tips, tricks and tools to help ensure trustworthy data.

The topic of reliable analytics data is close to the heart of DataTrue, in fact, it’s our reason for being, so we’ll be in the front row for this one.

2)     Making Your Org Data-Driven: How to Gain Support for Analytics Adoption (S118)

We often see our clients and peers challenged with justifying investment in analytics tools and resources. This session will offer actionable tips and tricks for helping practitioners show the value of their analysis efforts. It will cover best practices for persuading internal teams to become more data-driven along with resources for building a convincing case for greater executive support.

In this session, the DataTrue team will be deepening our understanding of this challenge for in-house teams and thinking about how we can support our clients to secure the resources they need for accurate data-driven decision making.

This session is presented by Ashok Gorrepati from Adobe and Jennifer Yacenda from Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

3)     Confessions of a Product Manager: Analytics for the Non-Marketer (S109)

Justin Saeheng and Monica Ramakrishnan from Adobe will be joined by Aman Sethi from Marriott International to talk about democratization of data across entire organizations.

In this session we’ll:

  • Learn how product managers, designers and engineers use analytics to drive innovation
  • Discover best practices for a successful management strategy such as: setting up KPIs, identifying strategic sponsors, and understand the context that surrounds data and trends
  • Hear from a diverse panel on how they’ve used data to drive product decisions in the past
  • Deep dive and learn best practices with a real-world example from an industry PM

The DataTrue team, and our colleagues at Lens10, often partner with clients who are on the journey of data democratization within their organization. We look forward to bringing some new knowledge home with us to share with our clients and peers.

While it will be a hectic few days for us in Las Vegas, we’ll do our best to post quick highlights from the Summit. And as we head home, we’ll bottle as much of the inspiration and energy as we can to share with you.