Web Analysts! Are you frustrated by seeing your company’s email campaign analytics data fall into your direct traffic source. Often this is because link tagging was missing or the landing page analytics tagging was broken.  Is this a familiar pattern in your traffic sources report?

Solve this issue with DataTrue’s new email analytics testing which enables automated testing of email link tagging and landing page analytics.  Now your email campaign manager can easily validate tags and analytics for a new email campaign before they hit the campaign send button.

Getting your email campaign analytics running smoothly is a tricky process.  For a start, in many organisations there are different groups of people who need to be involved to make things work.

  1. The email campaign manager will create the email on your email marketing platform such as ExactTarget, MailChimp or GetResponse;
  2. Your media agency or development team might be responsible for creating the landing pages that are linked from the email; and
  3. Your technical analyst will be responsible for configuring your tag management solution to ensure the right analytics and media tags are deployed to the landing pages.

Each of these groups need complete their tasks correctly and consistently to get accurate analytics reporting for your email campaigns.

At DataTrue, we have recognised that getting accurate email campaign reporting is difficult. So we have added a new feature called Email Campaign Analytics Testing which enables you to easily test and validate the analytics for your email campaign, before you send an email campaign.

How can you automatically test your Email Campaign Analytics?

When setting up a test for your email campaign, DataTrue creates an unique email inbox (e.g. [email protected]) and links that to the test.

DataTrue looks for incoming emails to this inbox. When an email arrives, DataTrue stores the email and then runs the test against the links and associated landing pages testing and validating the analytics data.

To try this new feature out, login to your DataTrue account and go to the help center and checkout our support article on how to setup and email campaign test.

If you don’t have a DataTrue account yet – please signup for a free trial and we can help you get started today.