These are unprecedented times we are all living in, how we respond, adapt and change can really impact our future. The COVID-19 Pandemic is on the front of everyone’s mind right now, and besides our health care professionals and essential workers who are fighting this head on – we salute them! –  many companies are concerned about the impacts of the virus on their business. 

What Impact are Businesses Seeing? 

The global increase in online traffic has surged recently as businesses quickly move to run their interactions online, which also means that more personal identifiable information or PII is being passed through websites at a higher than average rate. 

People turn to online shopping to curb their anxieties over the COVID-19 crisis, or to source household products online to avoid the physical retail stores.

Companies who sell products online that are most in demand, such as household items or canned food and dried goods, are experiencing exponential growth

How Can We Be Responsible with Data? 

The importance of having a tag audit and data governance automated solution in place to manage the increase of online traffic that many e-commerce companies are experiencing due to COVID-19. Implementing a software solution like DataTrue allows you to monitor, govern and audit the data on your website ensuring compliance of regulations such as the European Union’s  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .  DataTrue is an automated SaaS solution that works out of the box and was built by Analytics experts in the field for Analysts. 

The Protection of Personal Identifiable Information

Users may voluntarily share additional personal information when trying to fulfil an order or when trying to get more information on their health. 

It is interesting to note that under GDPR regulations, health data normally considered PII is permitted to be shared under the law that it is in the interest and health of the public and only during the time of the emergency or pandemic. [Source]

Similarly in the United States, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act protects the privacy of individuals’ private data, but does not apply during an emergency. 

The Need to Move to Digital

Businesses who already had a strong online presence are reaping the benefits of the forced work-from-home mandate by governments around the world, as they see the traffic and consumer spend increase exponentially. 

For those brick and mortar retailers who did not invest as heavily into digital e-commerce, these companies are trying to play catch-up and expand their digital presence. The need to move to digital is happening now, and making sure your data is set up and effective is a key component to success online. 

To learn more and get started with DataTrue, you can contact us to arrange a demo. With DataTrue, you’ll get the tools to ensure your customers’ data is secure and protected during these turbulent times.