Flexible plans that scale to meet your needs

DataTrue has everything you expect from your enterprise data validation solution: dedicated support and account management combined with fully featured plans offering testing across unlimited domains.

Move from reactive data management to proactive data monitoring with the powerful DataTrue platform.


Frequently asked questions

What features come in the free trial?

Our free trial includes everything you need to discover what DataTrue can do:

  • 5,000 steps
  • Test builder extension
  • Tag template library
  • Remote and local testing
  • Email alerts
  • API-triggered testing
  • CI integration
  • Concurrent tests
  • Automated monitoring
  • Preview testing of new configurations
  • Knowledge base
  • Community support

Can I purchase additional support hours?

Customers on any plan are welcome to purchase additional support hours to suit their requirements.

What payment methods are supported?

We support credit card and direct payments.

Does DataTrue support single-page applications?

DataTrue is able to interact with single-page applications (SPAs) in the same way  that users interact with regular websites.

What happens if I use all my steps?

Additional step usage can be configured for your account. When this is enabled you will be charged for steps that you use over your limit in increments of 1000 steps.

Can I purchase additional steps?

Customers onany plan are welcome to purchase additional steps to suit their requirements.

What support is provided?

All plans include limited initial setup support to aid the adoption of DataTrue.

Team plans include five hours of ongoing monthly support, while Enterprise plans include 10 hours. Additional hours may be purchased. Support hours can be used for such activities setting up and maintaining DataTrue tests and regular meetings to ensure success.

Additionally, all plans have access to ticketed support for troubleshooting.

What counts as a step?

Each DataTrue plan comes with an allotment of monthly “steps”. In a simulation test, each step represents an action taken on a website (such as visiting the website, clicking on a button or typing into a text box). In a coverage test, each page that is visited in addition to any set-up steps are counted as steps.

Can I upgrade my plan?

If you are an existing customer who would like to upgrade your plan, please contact us on [email protected].

Can I integrate with third-party apps?

DataTrue offers APIs to users on our Team and Enterprise plans that provide programmatic access to DataTrue and can be used to create integrations.

We also provide a ready-made Google Data Studio connector to integrate with Google Data Studio.