Our development team kicked off 2020 with a whirlwind round of feature updates and enhancements, and the results are now live for all DataTrue customers! Here’s a summary of the changes we released last weekend: 

  • It’s now possible to view batched Google App+Web tags as individual requests to simplify validation. 
  • Sensitive data detection is now supported for mobile app tests; we’ve also added options to automatically fail tests when sensitive data is detected, and to exclude non-sensitive persona items from detection. Finally, we’ve updated our email reports to provide more information about sensitive data detection. 
  • Our data governance dashboard, currently in beta, now features a new Reporting API to return test run statistics, including tag depth summaries for coverage tests. We’ve also added our DataStudio Connector to retrieve test run statistics data from DataTrue.
  • You can now inspect browser console logs to aid in debugging issues; Chrome users can also view warning logs to check for upcoming issues (e.g., changes to cookie handling) that may impact tracking solutions. 
  • The DataTrue Chrome Test Builder extension now supports validation of custom tags and cookies from local test runs, improved step naming for recording Select List steps, and improved styling for long step names and selectors. 

Last weekend’s release also included numerous smaller fixes and improvements; for more details, check out our Release Notes. And if you have questions about any of the changes, please log a support ticket — we’re keen to help!