As part of our ongoing development, we’re creating tools to better integrate DataTrue into your existing systems. First up, Jira!

Jira is a suite of tools designed to organize development projects, which has become ubiquitous thanks to its versatility and power. With DataTrue’s ability to identify problems or gaps in your company’s web analytics network, we saw the need to quickly and easily turn those problems into actionable tasks.

This new integration allows you to send notifications of failed tests as Jira tickets. Creating a Jira ticket for follow up couldn’t be simpler, there are manual and automated options available.

It’s easy to set up, as well. Just sign in to your administrator or owner account and you’ll see a new “Integrations” option in your sidebar. From there it’s as simple as clicking “Connect” and allowing access to your Jira account:

Full instructions on setting up and using Jira integrations are available on our Help Center. Of course, you’re also welcome to contact us with any questions you might have.

This is just the beginning of our plans for integrations, of course! You probably noticed the Slack and Webhooks options in the picture above, they’re coming soon, along with tons of other updates. Watch this space for more news!