Get Started with DataTrue’s Onboarding Video Series

An Introduction to DataTrue

A short overview to all of the power and tools behind DataTrue to help you get the most from your data.

PII – Personal Identifiable Information & Your Site’s Data Security

For anyone regularly dealing with online risk, privacy, and data protection, keeping your customer’s data safe is a top priority. With the right tools, major PII leaks could be recognized and stopped, before they becomes a severe breach. Data validation, monitoring, and assurance are some of the tools for your privacy toolkit – dive into more details and download your toolkit here.

How to Create a Simulation Test

This is the quickest way to create your first, single page test. You simply enter a URL then DataTrue will inspect the page, identify the tags present and create a new suite and test to audit that the tags are present on the nominated page.

How to Create a Coverage Test

 A Coverage Test will start from a nominated page (URL) then crawl your site to report tags, errors and page load times. Use this test to report tag variables found across your site.

How to validate cookie consent using DataTrue cookie policies

Additional tutorials:

Coverage Test – Tag Discovery

How to determine what tags are deployed across a whole website. To discover what tags are across a whole website, a coverage test can be configured to crawl a set number of pages on a site, start with a small number of pages, and then increase as needed.

Coverage Test – Tag Validation

This video explains how to determine if a tag is firing correctly across a whole website. To validate whether a tag is firing correctly across a website, you are able to configure tag validations inside of coverage tests, these will be checked on all of the pages that are crawled by the test.

Coverage Test – Validation Maps

Validation Maps are a new BETA feature that allows you to validate tags at a per page level in a coverage test in DataTrue. See how this feature can save you time, improve your data accuracy, and add to your analytics. Click here to add Validation Maps to your account.

Simulation Test – Tag Discovery

How to quickly determine what analytics are set up for a user journey. To gain insights into what analytics is set up for a user journey, you can quickly record a simulation test using Test Builder, and run to discover tags.

Simulation Test – Tag Validation

How to validate that analytics have been implemented according to the plan for a user journey. To validate analytics on a user journey, you must configure the test, and then add tag validations when you expect your tags to fire. This video reviews the steps on how to get up and running.