Now more than ever, data is the key to monitoring, identifying, and making smart decisions for your business. No matter your tech stack, if your company is like most, your systems vary from team to team, sending data back and forth through everything from email attachments to spreadsheets and CSVs.

We’ve heard you, and our team has been working on ways to make it easier to share your data across the systems and teams in your company who need this important info to do their jobs. One of the biggest things we’ve heard from customers is something we’re excited to launch today, the DataTrue Reporting API. 

The Reporting API allows a more in-depth layer of specifications: 

  • Dimensions which are attributes of the test such as suite, test name, browser, start time and others
  • Metrics which are the quantitative values that can be summarized based on the dimensions provided such as:
    • Tests total or passed or failed
    • Tag Validations total or passed or failed
  • Filters: drill down on the data you need, and focus on key points to find the data you need

With this new Reporting API, you’ll be able to essentially retrieve all summary data that is available in the test summary graphs and panels at the top of the test results within DataTrue, sharing the valuable insights from DataTrue with other tools you use to run your business. 

You can view the new Reporting API docs here.For questions or help getting started, send us a note at [email protected], or use the chat box below.