Quality assure tags and the data you collect

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Validate your data

Audit and validate data collected from your sites, quickly and easily. Receive comprehensive page reports with critical data you can use to resolve errors.

Drill down to get detailed information - including loading times, tag validations, tag data payloads, and errors written to test browser consoles.

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Monitor user simulation

Monitor critical workflows

Ensure critical workflows such as registration, add to cart, and checkout - are working correctly.

Proactively monitor key user journeys and tags. Run regular tests and alert multiple teams via email.

Audit tags, page errors and load times

Scan your site to audit the presence of tags, vendors and accounts. Identify page errors and compare the impact of tags on page load times.

Prevent data leakage by regularly monitoring tags, vendors and accounts across your site. Monitor tag health independently of your tag management system.

Tag audit

Application support and professional services

Get started easily with training and application support via the DataTrue Help Center. Find a local partner for additional implementation and expert support to quality assure your tags and data.

Data assurance dashboard

Enterprise wide solution

Access multiple accounts and multiple sites from a single log in to DataTrue.

Every user can customize their own dashboard to monitor multiple accounts and test suites. View a snapshot of recent test results then drill down to detailed test results in a single click.

Test before you deploy

Test new tag configurations and other changes before and after they go live, to protect against loss of data. Test staging tag containers against a production suite of tests, or run a production suite of tests against a staging site to find errors before each release.

Create, edit or run tests via API. Trigger DataTrue tests as part of your software release process from a continuous integration tool such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI, or Codeship.

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Test Builder

Build smart tests, fast

Use our Test Builder to create test interactions with sites, and configure using our extensive library of tag templates.

DataTrue works across complex AJAX interactions, iframe content, and top-level domains.

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