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Audit up to four domains

from $999 USD AUD ex GST

per month on an annual plan

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  • Unlimited users Share DataTrue with internal and external teams, to ensure your data quality at every step.
  • Unlimited tests Includes 10,000 steps with options to expand up to 249,999 steps.
  • Test up to four domains


Audit unlimited domains

from $2,750 USD AUD ex GST

per month on an annual plan

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Professional, plus:

  • Test unlimited domains Run tests across multiple top level domains to verify the integrity of cross domain tracking and campaign tagging implementations.
  • Unlimited tests Includes 250,000 steps per month with options to expand.
  • Cross browser testing Identify tracking faults in your analytics implementation by running your tests with different browser and operating system combinations.

Enterprise PII Web + App

Audit Mobile Apps and PII data leakage


for your unique needs

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Enterprise, plus:

  • Sensitive data detection Monitor your site for unapproved tags and the exposure of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive data.
  • Mobile app, and website testing Go beyond website testing with additional functionality to run tests on your mobile appsBeta.
  • Dedicated success manager Personalized support to ensure your successful implementation of DataTrue.

All plans include

  • User simulation testing Ensure critical workflows such as registration and checkout are working correctly. Run regular tests and alert multiple teams.
  • Continuous data quality monitoring Scan sites regularly and receive comprehensive reporting. Drill down to get detailed information - including loading times, tag validations, tag data payloads, and errors written to test browser consoles.
  • Tag hierarchy reporting Understand who is collecting your customer data. Visualize the relationship between the tags on your site. Identify the source of unexpected piggyback tags.
  • Test builder tool Use our Test Builder to create test interactions with sites, and configure using our extensive library of tag templates. DataTrue works across complex AJAX interactions, iframe content, and top-level domains.
  • DataLayer and content validations Audit datalayer values and exposed data.
  • Video analytics testing Test video content to validate video tags.
  • Page level analytics testing Upload page level tag variable settings and validate your tagging implementation page by page. Use DataTrue to discover your current page level variable settings and use this as a baseline for ongoing monitoring.
  • Regression testing Test new tag configurations and other changes before and after they go live, to protect against loss of data. Test staging tag containers against a production suite of tests, or run a production suite of tests against a staging site to find errors before each release.
  • Email analytics testing Automatically validate email campaigns and landing pages. Integrate DataTrue with your email marketing platform to systematically audit campaigns before every release. Use detailed visual reports to quickly find and resolve errors.
  • Unit testing Create tag and datalayer unit tests that relate to granular elements of your analytics solution design. Monitor the implementation health of your solution design as changes are made to your site.
  • Enterprise and agency accounts Access multiple accounts and multiple sites from a single log in to DataTrue. Every user can customize their own dashboard to monitor multiple accounts and test suites.
  • Integrations and APIs Create, edit or run tests via API. Manage tests from Google Sheets. Trigger DataTrue tests as part of your software release process from a continuous integration tool such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI, or Codeship.
  • Application support Get started easily with training and application support via the DataTrue Help Center.

Add to any plan

  • Step capacity Add on thousands or millions of steps to ensure you have the capacity you need.
  • Professional services Access dedicated training, implementation and support from DataTrue or find an expert local partner to ensure your success.
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